Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Zelda II: 17 Hours 15 Minutes

Ok. I take it back. This game is just too tough to enjoy normally. You have to be a Zelda Fan-Boi to appreciate it.

Yeah, you guessed right, it got tougher on me all of a sudden... and it is really starting to get annoying... and that's a shame.

This game has so much to offer, and yet the three-life rule is really getting in the way of me enjoying this until the end. But this is just me griping... but i'm getting near my wit's end. So there. Rubbing lamp...

: "Yeees?"

: "(Sigh) I'm really getting frustrated with this game... I'd like a map of the seventh palace so I just get this game over with."

: "Is that an official wish?"

: "Don't piss me off, Genie! Just give me the F@*$&% MAP!"

: "Woah! Woah! Woah! Easy there Jew-dude... just crankin' yer chain. Wow. This game has really aged you."

: "What? Really? You... you think so?"

: "Yeah, dude. You've looked better..."

: "..."

: "Look... here's the map. Wait a bit before your next wish... k? Wish Granted."

It's hard enough to just GET to the 7th palace... let alone get THROUGH it. And with only 3 lives... it's just way too tough for a casual gamer.

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