Friday, December 22, 2006

And here we go!

Got the hat back.

Well, the lady doing the embroidery said that she couldn't embroider the hat directly because of its shape. BUT she could make a patch. So she did, and so I sewed it on.v


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Got Item!

Well, I finally got the hat. Yup, the geeky yellow wario hat. I made an order from an store and it came very quickly.

Now, I will take it to someone to embroider the white half-circle and purple 'W' on it tomorrow.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I gotta win!

Shalom, everyone. It's Jew Wario here to spread joy throughout the world! This is actually more of a private blog for myself, but I don't mind if the world reads it... I mean, how many people will actually be scanning blogs to read and come regularly to this one? (sheesh!)

Now, I know that you have lots of questions, so let me focus on the ones that I am sure you will be most likely to ask right off the bat.

Why Wario?
Well, everyone has 'their character' that they play in video games. Mine in Mario Party just happens to be Wario.

Yeah, but WHY Wario?
Well, at first it was because he seemed like the anti-hero (and chicks dig the 'bad-boy'). Then it was because I didn't see too many people playing Wario... and I like to play characters other people don't play. It went from the Mario Party series to playing him on Mario Kart... finally I just decided one day that I would be Wario. When I went to Japan with my wife this year, I even won a plushie goomba wearing a Wario hat in a UFO game. Coincidence? I even planned on being him for Halloween this past year, but I couldn't find a costume anywhere. Oh well.

What's with the 'Jew Wario' thing?
This is something I am 'stealing' (with no ill will intended) out of someone else's ideas (a very Wario thing to do, I guess...).

There's a really cool Jewish guy who goes by the moniker 'GameJew'. He makes wonderful music, operas, and is really talented. As 'GameJew' (his previous moniker was 'Jonathan Mario') he wears red suspenders (with no shirt most of the time) and a Mario hat his friend made. To expand upon the 'Jew/Nintendo' schtick, his good friend is known (when they jam) as 'Jew Toadstool' and he wears a Toadstool hat. Very funny.

Well, I thought "I'm Jewish... and I like Wario... and I don't see that he has anyone called 'Jew Wario' on his podcast yet... I'll take that before anyone else does." So I did. I don't plan on taking his ideas or making money or a 'name' for myself with this... so I don't think he would mind. Besides, he seems like a really laid-back dude. I'd like to meet him sometime.

Also, I have been known as 'Prof. Noriaki Kakyouin'... but people just cannot pronounce that... and it was getting pretty tiring to correct them. So I thought that this might be a cool switch.

Wario Land
* Virtual Boy Wario Land - Virtual Boy, 1995
* Wario Land 4 - GBA, 2001
* Wario World - GCN, 2003
Wario Ware
* WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ - GCN, 2004
* WarioWare: Touched! - DS, 2005

So there you have it... Jew Wario is on the air!