Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Link GET!

I have been trying to find links that are interesting to me... and are Famicom related.

First off, we have F*ck Yeah Famicom! which is a blog about everything Famicom. The guy there seems very nice and seems to have a passion for the Famicom.

Then there's a link to 101 PC Engine secrets! Now, I have a PC Engine, and love it... and some of these 'secrets' are more of 'didja know's than anything else. But some of them are very interesting and worthy to read.

The next one is a link to my girl in Japan, J-Idol and Famicom/retro game collector, Haruna Anno. Her love for games is really remarkable and she is making it a side-job of her's to write articles for Japanese magazines and websites about her passion.

And, I can't tell you how cool it is, but she's following me on Twitter! Now, in all honesty, it's probably because I subscribed to her Twitter first... but I can still hope that sometime she might actually go to one of my subtitled videos on Nico Nico... and shoot me an email.

Finally, here's an oldie but goodie. This is the scanlation of the old Famicom Disk manual. All I have to say is that Takashi is a choad!

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