Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jew Wario/Psychotaku Crossover - Super Sentai part 1


mrKaizen said...

ahah, that was soooo funny and interesting at the same time. ^_^
I think you should do more of this segment.
But, on the opposite, I miss "you can play this" :( PLEASE MAKE MORE OF BOTH!

I think a great game for it, even if it's on DS, could be Hokuto no ken ds. The commercial is funny, watch it here:


Ciao ^_^

Taro said...

oh boy... didnt know that super sentai is this old O_O
1975 ?
but... that means... father of super sentai is... kamen rider ^-^ first airing 1971 :)
or am i wrong ? XD

Derek the Bard said...

Is it wrong that my brain immediately translates each of the sentai titles into the Mobirate sounds from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger?

Fun summation. Look forward to more.