Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mario Monologues - DK

The original is here. It was filmed at a place called the BUG THEATRE. on the last Monday night of every month they host an event called the FREAK TRAIN! For $5 a person gets 5 minutes on stage to do whatever they want.

I did some segments where I told a story as Mario and I put a moral at the end. So the DK moral is to be kind to people and say 'thank you' when someone does something nice. I always tried to have a moral.


Deka Black said...

very funny, but in the Blip version, the audio and the image are out of synch. the audio finish before the video. And this (the video), works slow.

But the monologue, is... how ungrateful!

;D I 'll look forward for more!

Sir Vejeiro said...

lol nice one

well id like to say gratz for the sucess and not only of Jew Wario but also to all the team and of course thx for the funny and really amusing moments watching your videos.


Benzaie said...

Dude, for some reasons, I much prefered the live version, more impressive on the acting, self confidence... It's really written as a stand up sketch, so maybe I think you should just keep it like that (just bringing a better camera next time I dunno) !!!

I'm glad I watched both videos btw, like both, but the delivery worked better on STAGE ;)

Faust VIII said...

Hi, Jew Wario! I'm Italian and I'm a fan of your show, You Can Play This. I wrote a post about it on my blog on Japanese culture. You can find it here=>