Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Resident Evil / Twilight Princess 25:27

Continuing in the sries of Horror Survival games, I pick up Resident Evil. Produced in 1996 it was called "Biohazard" in Japan. This game has been ported and adapted for many different systems. Tonight I play the "superior" GameCube version that not only has better graphics than the Playstation version, but new areas. Many have considered this version to be the best of them all, so this is the one I will play.

Plays Game

Ok. I can only go 50 minutes before I have to turn on a light... (GOOD LORD, I'm a WUSS!) but then, in the light, it quickly becomes not scary anymore.

Much like last week's 'Silent Hill', this game really makes good use of music and camera angles. It's scarier right off the bat from Silent Hill in that it is deadly right off the bat. I died several times here just trying to get a friggin' gun!

The graphics in this were also a major scare factor in that they make good use of the GameCube's processing power. The action doesn't slow down and you feel yourself falling into the game headlong.

When attacked, you don't know if the baddie is going to stay down or what. There are fewer power-ups (I found shotgun shells, but no shotgun), and a limited inventory (that blew big time too). But all of this makes the game SO challenging it's not even funny... and I chose the easy setting!

Buy it. That's all I can say. Buy it, go into a dark room, make sure there are no outside noises to distract you, and play away. Scares-ville, daddio!

On the Zelda side, I am really enjoying this game. Not only is the story interesting and the characters intriguing, but I love the controls of the game. I can't imagine how you would play it on the GameCube with a normal controller... you WANT to swing your sword!

I have gotten the Master Sword, the ability to switch from Link to the wolf, and I have just defeated the long desert dungeon (but just). This game is SO much fun... but I fear it will be long if I let it be... but I want to play this game at my leisure... so I don't want to rush.

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Paul said...

All Resident Evil games have very limited inventory. That's what makes them so damn challenging most of the time.

You should get IV for the Wii.